OSAsense has joined forces with Medrie!

From July 2023, general practices affiliated with Medrie, regional organization for general practitioners in the Flevoland, Hardenberg and Zwolle regions, can also start using OSAsense.

OSAsense has joined forces with Medrie. Together we are taking an important step forward by jointly offering advanced screening for sleep apnea.

This strategic partnership combines OSAsense's expertise with Medrie's extensive network in the aforementioned regions. As of July 2023, general practices affiliated with Medrie will have the opportunity to use this innovative screening, significantly increasing the accessibility of this important service.

This initiative aims not only to detect sleep apnea at an early stage, but also to provide practical solutions. GP practices will benefit from the implementation of OSAsense technology, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and ensuring an improved care experience for patients.

The joint commitment of OSAsense and Medrie is a clear manifestation of our shared mission to provide high-quality care and innovative solutions to the communities we serve. We look forward to working together to build a healthier future with prevention and accessibility at its core.

Stay tuned to our joint efforts and find out how OSAsense and Medrie are working together to advance the health and well-being of our communities.