Sleep apnea screening

Fast, Safe and Patient friendly

The OSAsense service

Nightly saturation measurement

The OSAsense measurement consists of an overnight oxygen saturation measurement and actigraphy.

Online questionnaire

To assess the patient's symptoms, we use several internationally validated questionnaires.


OSAsense automatically generates an advisory report based on which the healthcare provider can best help the patient move forward.

Zorginnovator of the year 2023 Nationale Zorg Innovatie Prijs 2018

Welcome to OSAsense!

A prospectively validated screeningtool for sleep apnea.

Why OSAsense?

Because patientfriendly OSA screening makes sense

Patient friendly

Overnight screening at home, no hospital visits


OSAsense reduces unnecessary hospital referrals


OSAsense reduces the cost of OSA detection


OSAsense has been clinically validated

Strengthened chain care

Improves collaboration with second- and third-line care centers.


Once again certified for ISO 27001 and NEN7510! Commitment to Data Security and Quality in Healthcare


OSAsense, you have once again achieved the ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certifications, confirming our commitment to high quality data security and quality standards in the healthcare sector.

The ISO 27001 certification attests to our robust information security systems, while the NEN7510 certification specifically addresses the healthcare sector, meeting the highest standards for information security and quality management.

These renewed certifications reflect OSAsense's ongoing commitment to protecting health data and maintaining the highest standards in delivering our services. We are proud of this achievement and continue to strive for outstanding data security and quality of care.

Stay tuned for our ongoing efforts to ensure your health and well-being. At OSAsense, we are committed to safety, quality and the best care for you.

Winner Care Innovator of the Year 2023


In a competition with stiff competition, our own medical director Dr. Rick Pleijhuis captured the title "Healthcare Innovator of the Year 2023" at the Mobile Healthcare Congress, with nearly half of the votes. The award was given for, among other things, his low-threshold and effective approach to measuring sleep apnea using only a watch and finger sensor.

This innovation is based on a smart watch with a special sensor worn on the finger while sleeping. This makes it easier for potential sleep apnea patients to sleep comfortably while the watch collects important data.

What sets OSAsense's solution apart is its practicality. The data collected is used to generate detailed reports, allowing general practitioners to respond quickly and effectively. Whether referring patients to a sleep center or ruling out sleep apnea, Dr. Rick Pleijhuis's innovation provides a useful tool for medical practice.

By winning this award, it underscores the value of Dr. Rick Pleijhuis's contribution to improving healthcare. We congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to the continued impact of this practical solution in healthcare.

OSAsense has joined forces with Medrie!


From July 2023, general practices affiliated with Medrie, regional organization for general practitioners in the Flevoland, Hardenberg and Zwolle regions, can also start using OSAsense.

OSAsense has joined forces with Medrie. Together we are taking an important step forward by jointly offering advanced screening for sleep apnea.

This strategic partnership combines OSAsense's expertise with Medrie's extensive network in the aforementioned regions. As of July 2023, general practices affiliated with Medrie will have the opportunity to use this innovative screening, significantly increasing the accessibility of this important service.

This initiative aims not only to detect sleep apnea at an early stage, but also to provide practical solutions. GP practices will benefit from the implementation of OSAsense technology, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and ensuring an improved care experience for patients.

The joint commitment of OSAsense and Medrie is a clear manifestation of our shared mission to provide high-quality care and innovative solutions to the communities we serve. We look forward to working together to build a healthier future with prevention and accessibility at its core.

Stay tuned to our joint efforts and find out how OSAsense and Medrie are working together to advance the health and well-being of our communities.

Quest for improved screening for obstructive sleep apnea in atrial fibrillation


This study focuses on improving screening for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in atrial fibrillation (AF), due to the under-diagnosed nature of OSA despite strong associations. AF is the most common cardiac arrhythmia worldwide and causes serious complications. The aim is to find an innovative method for more effective OSA identification in AF patients.

In the Netherlands, there were 362,700 people with AF in 2019, with annual increases. Effective AF treatment requires identification of risk factors, including OSA. Untreated OSA predicts AF treatment failure.

Current OSA screening methods, such as questionnaires, prove inadequate according to a problem analysis. A literature review and expert interviews show OSAsense, a pulse oximetry method, as a promising innovation. An implementation pilot showed the cost-effectiveness and patient-friendliness of OSAsense, with fewer unnecessary referrals to sleep clinics.

Experts and patients consider OSAsense the best innovation for OSA screening in AF patients. Further implementation is supported, with emphasis on integrated follow-up and coordination by nurse specialists at outpatient AF and sleep disorders clinics. OSAsense offers a safe, cost-effective and patient-friendly approach, with potential for national expansion to other care pathways and AF outpatient clinics.

Click here for the entire article

OSAsense in the news


Care pathway OSAS: Manual updated - GHC

With the OSAS care pathway, as a general practitioner you can rule out that a patient has OSAS (sleep apnea). This is done with a pulse oximetry measurement with the OSAsense watch. The patient does this nocturnal measurement himself in the home setting. In addition, the patient fills out a questionnaire online. Diagnostics via OSAsense is patient-friendly, quick, low-threshold, relatively inexpensive and intended only for exclusion diagnostics. The OSAS care pathway is not a screening: referral to a sleep center remains necessary to demonstrate OSAS.

Read more about OSAsense here in the article written by GHC Groningen.


OSAsense deployment - Dokkum GP center

The Dokkum GP Center now offers diagnostics for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) using OSAsense. This service includes a validated online questionnaire and an overnight saturation measurement with a special watch-shaped saturation meter.

The OSAsense algorithm detects sleep apnea with high sensitivity (~100%) and specificity (>70%). By using OSAsense before referring patients to a sleep center, unnecessary and costly investigations can be avoided for low-risk patients, while patients at significant risk can be quickly and effectively referred for diagnosis and treatment. If you experience symptoms such as snoring with breath stops, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your primary care physician.

Read more about OSAsense here in the article written by the Huisartsencentrum Dokkum.


OSAsense practice example - Federation of Medical Specialists

OSAsense is an innovative method to screen patients for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with the goal of more targeted patient referral. Untreated OSA can cause serious health damage. Traditional referral to specialized sleep centers is labor-intensive and costly, with a significant percentage of incorrect referrals. OSAsense provides (family) physicians with a screening tool that reduces the number of unnecessary referrals by approximately 70% by reliably identifying patients. The innovation has led to faster diagnoses, better utilization of sleep centers, decreasing waiting lists and significant cost savings.

The development of OSAsense began with the identification of crucial parameters for determining breath-hold during sleep. It resulted in a validated saturation monitor that continuously measures oxygen levels. OSAsense has already screened over 15,000 patients since 2015, with over 400 primary care physicians involved and collaborations with health insurance companies. The innovation has led to publications in scientific journals and wide acceptance in healthcare.

Internist-allergist/immunologist Rick G. Pleijhuis emphasizes the personal development the project has provided him, from organizational skills to collaboration and leadership. The project has broadened his training as a medical specialist and continues to benefit him.

Next steps include using OSAsense more broadly in primary care and exploring applications for other conditions. Stakeholders involved include health insurers, primary care practices, colleges and medical centers.

Read more about OSAsense here in the extensive article written by the Federation of Medical Specialists.


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