OSAsense Support

Support services for healthcare organizations working with OSAsense


Our customer service is available during business hours (Mon - Fri between 9:00 - 17:00). We will be happy to help you with your questions regarding the use of the OSAsense S18 and/or the OSAsense software. You can reach us by phone at 053 478 75 29.


Our customer service team strives to answer emails from OSAsense customers usually within 8 hours, normally the same business day. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding the use of the OSAsense S18 and/or the OSAsense software.

You can reach customer service via email by emailing contact@osasense.com.


Our staff uses Teamviewer to provide better remote support. This allows remote access to assist with hardware or software related questions and firmware updates. Customers can download the Teamviewer Quicksupport software (Windows and Mac OS) via the link in the bar below. Remote support can be used by arrangement or appointment only.

On site

In exceptional cases, we offer on-site support to address problems that cannot be solved through any of the other named resources.

Frequently Asked Questions



Care recipient


How can I contact you?

OSAsense B.V.
Irenesingel 19
7481 GJ, Haaksbergen
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 53 478 75 29 (office hours; Mon - Fri between 9:00 - 17:00)
Email: contact@osasense.com

I did not receive an email with the link to the questionnaire, what should I do?

1. Check if the email "OSAsense screening" with the link to the questionnaire ended up in your spam;
2. Contact your own health care provider, they can give you a personal login code that you can use to log into our website. After logging in, you will be taken to the questionnaire.

I am experiencing problems with OSAsense, what should I do?

This is very inconvenient for you. You should contact your health care provider about this. They will tell you the best thing to do.

As a care recipient, can I have a sleep apnea screening with you?

No, we do not perform sleep apnea screenings ourselves; it is necessary to go through a healthcare provider. If you wish to have a measurement performed, we recommend that you indicate this to your own health care provider.

What if my healthcare provider does not use the OSAsense and I do want a sleep apnea screening?

If your healthcare provider is not already using OSAsense, please have him/her contact us. That way we can discuss options.

As a healthcare provider, how can I utilise OSAsense?

Thank you for being interested! If you would like to work with OSAsense, you can sign up here. Would you prefer to learn more first? Then fill out our contact form or call 053-4787529. We would love to think with you!

How can I partner with OSAsense B.V. as a healthcare organization?

OSAsense is always open to new collaborations! We like to think with you if we can do something for you/each other. Feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form or by calling 053-4787529.

What is the claims process like?

OSAsense offers flexibility in this regard by making individual arrangements with each party. Would you like to know more or discuss any possibilities for you? Then fill out our contact form or call 053-4787529.

Is there a link between OSAsense and HIS/EPD?

No, this link is unfortunately not currently enabled by HIS/EPD. The advice can be copied (ctrl-c) and pasted (ctrl-v) to the HIS/EPD. It is also possible to download a PDF of each measurement with corresponding advice.