OSAsense practice example - Federation of Medical Specialists

OSAsense is an innovative method to screen patients for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with the goal of more targeted patient referral. Untreated OSA can cause serious health damage. Traditional referral to specialized sleep centers is labor-intensive and costly, with a significant percentage of incorrect referrals. OSAsense provides (family) physicians with a screening tool that reduces the number of unnecessary referrals by approximately 70% by reliably identifying patients. The innovation has led to faster diagnoses, better utilization of sleep centers, decreasing waiting lists and significant cost savings.

The development of OSAsense began with the identification of crucial parameters for determining breath-hold during sleep. It resulted in a validated saturation monitor that continuously measures oxygen levels. OSAsense has already screened over 15,000 patients since 2015, with over 400 primary care physicians involved and collaborations with health insurance companies. The innovation has led to publications in scientific journals and wide acceptance in healthcare.

Internist-allergist/immunologist Rick G. Pleijhuis emphasizes the personal development the project has provided him, from organizational skills to collaboration and leadership. The project has broadened his training as a medical specialist and continues to benefit him.

Next steps include using OSAsense more broadly in primary care and exploring applications for other conditions. Stakeholders involved include health insurers, primary care practices, colleges and medical centers.

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