Winner Care Innovator of the Year 2023

In a competition with stiff competition, our own medical director Dr. Rick Pleijhuis captured the title "Healthcare Innovator of the Year 2023" at the Mobile Healthcare Congress, with nearly half of the votes. The award was given for, among other things, his low-threshold and effective approach to measuring sleep apnea using only a watch and finger sensor.

This innovation is based on a smart watch with a special sensor worn on the finger while sleeping. This makes it easier for potential sleep apnea patients to sleep comfortably while the watch collects important data.

What sets OSAsense's solution apart is its practicality. The data collected is used to generate detailed reports, allowing general practitioners to respond quickly and effectively. Whether referring patients to a sleep center or ruling out sleep apnea, Dr. Rick Pleijhuis's innovation provides a useful tool for medical practice.

By winning this award, it underscores the value of Dr. Rick Pleijhuis's contribution to improving healthcare. We congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to the continued impact of this practical solution in healthcare.