OSAsense Services

Effective screening services for OSA / sleep apnea.

Application Scenarios

General Practice

OSAsense can be directly employed by general practitioners as a fast patient friendly screening tool. In the Netherlands OSAsense is being adopted as a sanctioned 'first line' instrument that is covered as part of basic health insurance.

Preventive screening

OSAsense offers a fast and effective screening tool for medical professionals and organizations to perform preventive screening in high risk populations. Preventive OSA screening is be a valuable tool in preventing irreversible OSA-related comorbidity.

Measuring Treatment Effects

OSAsense offers a significantly cheaper, faster and more patient friendly alternative to currently OSA treatment effect monitoring solutions. This enables sleep centres to allocate their resources more effectively toward diagnosis and treatment.

Case finding

OSAsense can be employed as a case finding tool in patient populations that are under treatment for, or at high risk of comorbidity with a high a priori risk of OSA.


OSAsense Screening Process in General Practice

The OSAsense screening is a simple two-step process. Consisting of a validated online questionaire and overnight pulseoximetry. The collected data is analyzed on the OSAsense platform and the results are available almost instantly upon upload.

OSA screening @home

In 2017 our prospective validation study confirmed the feasability of OSA detection using pulseoximetry in an overnight measurement scenario at home. DaignOSAS has now implemented this process in a cost-effective and patient friendly service: OSAsense. The OSAsense service is available for general practitioners, as well as company- and insurance doctors.


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