Terms & Conditions

By using this website and/or the OSAsense service you acknowledge you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. In the event of discrepancies or ambiguity between the original Dutch version of these Terms & Conditions and this translation, the Dutch text shall prevail.

Using the OSAsense website and/or service

The use of OSAsense is governed by this agreement. OSAsense is a service prodived by DiagnOSAS BV. DiagnOSAS BV is a privately held Dutch company located at Irenesingel 19, 7481 GJ, Haaksbergen, the Netherlands. DiagnOSAS BV does not give medical advice and does not offer a medical diagnosis. Data regarding blood-oxygenation, ODI, hart frequency, blood pressure, weight and other measured or patient provided values, are used by the treating physician as part of a medical screening.

Both Patient and docter are responsible for the adequate and accurate collection of registration data. Patients and healthcare professionals are responisble for the scurity of the login data with which they access OSAsense services.

DiagnOSAS BV owns all rights regarding the OSAsense service. DiagnOSAS BV grants, participating healthcare professionals, a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the OSAsense service for the duration of the governing contract between DiagnOSAS BV and the respective healthcare professional/institution. DiagnOSAS BV grants a patient, after the treating physician has registered said patient with OSAsense, a presonal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license for using the OSAsense service for a single patient screening.

The OSAsense user is solely responsible for the security (a.o. good virus protection) and integrity of the computer with which the OSAsense services are accessed, and measurement data is transferred. In case any of the materials provided by OSAsense is malfunctioning, this should be reported to the OSAsense helpdesk. Which will, provide a fitting problem resolution in consultation with the user.

OSAsense service

DiagnOSAS BV allows only CE-certified pulsoxymeters to be used in conjunction with OSAsense. The OSAsense pulsoxymeter communicates with the OSAsense platform through OSAsense software that is installed on computer(s) of the treating physician. Patient measurement data is transmitted to the secured OSAsense website from the treating physician's computer.

DiagnOSAS BV has taken extensive measures to ensure that the transmission of information is secure and the integrity of the transmitted data is safeguarded. Only users with a unique username and password combination, augmented with a one-time acces code (2-factor authentication) can access the OSAsense platform. All data is stored on strictly secured servers and all use and access is logged. DiagnOSAS BV operates in concordance with all national and international regulations regarding secure data transfer and storage.

DiagnOSAS BV conforms to 'informatiebeveiliging in de zorg, NEN7510, 7511 en 7512' and norms for secure use of passwords (NEN12251). Only patients and healthcare professionals have access to the personal data. Patients must explessly grant DiagnOSAS BV to collect and store their data and to share it with deisgnated healtcare professionals. Furthermore, DiagnOSAS BV operates solely within the context of contracts with care-providers and institutions that expressly allow DiagnOSAS BV to process patient data. Protection of user privacy is described in our privacy policy.

Availability of OSAsense services

DiagnOSAS BV strives for a 24/7 availability of the OSAsense services. DiagnOSAS BV has taken all reasonable technical measures to ensure that is can fullfill this aim. DiagnOSAS BV cannot guarantee that this 24/7 availability is achieved at all times. Therefore, DiagnOSAS BV accepts no liability for any damages or injuries, as a result of technical errors, unavailability, network outage or data corruption in while or as a result of using or communicating information on this wbesite or the OSAsense service.

Referral to Nederland ICT terms & conditions 2014

In addition to the afore mentioned, all offers, agreements and services provided by DiagnOSAS BV, are subject to the Nederland ICT Terms & Conditions 2014 as deposited with the Dutch trade register under reference 30174840.